Fun stuff

⊗ I’m a PASTRY FANATIC. The best place to get pastries and baked goods in Madison is Madison Sourdough

⊗ Chocolate is also important. You can get good stuff locally from Gail Ambrosius. Current favorite non-local chocolate: Bonajuto. I dream of being a judge for the International Chocolate Awards!

⊗ I think machine learning is fun (lots of intro videos at that link)

⊗ I like to roll D20, non-ironically, and love me some board gaming

⊗ I’m from Pittsburgh, but don’t ask me about fries on sandwiches

⊗ I dig weird or rare books like this one: Illustrated Vegetable Wasps and Plant Worms in Colour (1997) ISBN 4-259-53866-7. Haven’t found a hard copy of that one yet, but check out those crazy illustrations!